Guest Posts Wanted

What makes you say Pour Me Another?

Every now and then, you find an adult beverage that makes you say Pour Me Another when it’s finished. It could be the most amazing beer, the perfect wine, or an expertly mixed cocktail. Sometimes, it’s so good, you want to tell the world about it. If only you had a forum.

I want to give you that forum. I’m interested in what you have to say about your favorite spirits, wine, or beer. Whether you have a blog but don’t think it’s the right venue, or you don’t have a blog and just want a place to share your thoughts, I want your ideas. There are some basic guidelines, but in general, anything well written will make it.

The guidelines are simple, but of course subject to change. I’ll list them here, and update as necessary. Feel free to contact me via twitter, or email, and we’ll hash out any questions or issues. My email is matt @ mmwine . me – of course, remove the spaces!

Guidelines for guest blog posts on Pour Me Another

1)Try to keep the language of the post rated pg-13 at worst. I’m not a prude, and I’m sure none of my readers are either. However, it’s just not something I want on the site.

2)If you are writing about a client, or a sample you received, you must disclose it. You can disclose it directly by saying “This was a sample received” or “My client xyz”. You can also disclose it within the post such as “While tasting some of my recent press samples…” or “While visiting my client XYZ, I had…”. It just needs to be disclosed

3)If you include photos, and you should, please make sure they are in focus. While I’d love professional level photos, I’m happy with a well lit and framed cellphone shot to backup your post. I just want people to look at the photo and understand what it is, and why it is.

4)If you’re including links in your post, and that’s fine, please make sure they’re hotlinks in the post, or you clearly mark them. I’ll check all links, and prefer they be direct links, not shortened.

5)Provide a bio and “headshot”. If you have a site logo or twitter avatar that you are known by, that’s fine. Your bio should include anything about you that is important, such as what you do, any websites you are part of, etc. Don’t just send me a “I like green jello” bio, that’s pretty useless.

6)Understand that just because you send me something to post doesn’t mean it’ll be posted right away, or at all. I’m not an English professor, but if it’s so poorly written that it’s unintelligible, expect me to ask you to fix it, or forget it.

7)Video is great, and I’m  happy to post it. Just host it on YouTube, Vimeo or Viddler, and send me a link and/or embed code.

8)Make sure you send me your email address and any other Social Media  connections possible.

9)If you have a blog or website, sharing the love is always appreciated. Send people to the post somehow, especially via twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, etc!