Beer and Cookies with Delirium Noel

December 7, 2011
Delirium Noel Seasonal Christmas Beer

Delirium Noel Seasonal Christmas Beer



When I decided to make some Christmas cookies, I knew it would be hard work. Therefore, I knew I’d need a beer. And what better type of beer to sip than a seasonal “Christmas” brew. Christmas beers aren’t just for Christians mind you, and I think they will please every person of any religion, provided they’re good. So, what beer did I pick when making my first batch, ever, of gingersnap cookies? A Delirium Noel, because who can resist pink elephants?

A seasonal brew from Huyghe Brewery, which is in Ghent, Belgium, The Delirium Noel comes in at $5 a bottle and 10% abv. I’m a fan of the Delirium Tremens, so I figured how could I not love this beer. At first look, the nose is floral and perfume like. but not over the top. Right out of the bottle, the palate is full, with nice firm carbonation. There really  isn’t a lot of any one spice, but there’s definitely notes of nutmeg and cardamon. There’s a slight warming spice on the finish that lingers quite a bit, with a lot of nutmeg. I was a tad underwhelmed. However, given the brew just got out of the fridge, I knew it was too cold and the flavors were muted.

Delirium Noel Christmas Beer

Delirium Noel Christmas Beer

After a few minutes in the glass, and the beer coming from fridge temperature to a better serving temperature of about 60 degrees, the palate became much fuller. The spices became much more prominent and really began to overwhelm me. Perhaps this Christmas brew went a little too far, at least for me, but I felt like I swallowed a teaspoon of nutmeg and cinnamon with a little dough thrown in.  I won’t say the brew was bad, because if you’re a huge fan of baking spices and love to load your latte up with them during the holiday, then this beer will rock your tongue.

Have you ever had a Delirium Noel? I’d love to know your thoughts.


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